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EHR Linx understands the value of data and can help you leverage your data to streamline workflows, reach higher success rates, easily meet regulatory requirements, lower administrative overhead, create new standards of excellence and improve patient satisfaction.


Manage Forms, Consents, FDA, Gov't, State & SART, CARTR, ANZARD Requirements

EHR Linx recognizes the when, how and what data needs to be captured in order to meet your clinic and labs legal obligation (Consents, FDA & State) and SART requirements.


Capture Quality Data Efficiently

We can help you capture  quality and complete patient information starting at the very first point of contact and continue as the patient moves through their treatment. Done well, you can easily eliminate delays and reduce redundant data entry.


EHR Linx can help you identify reports, KPI’S and queries that will help you gain operational and historical insight into your business. In turn, in a much better understanding of your practice.

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