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Person Analyzing Data


EHR Linx creates specific data mapping solutions.  We understand the requirements needed to balance the business side of a clinic with a high standard of care.  We have worked with many clinics and understand the complexities of legacy and current data management.


Understanding Unique Workflows for Patient, Nurse, Staff and Provider to make sure your data is mapped accurately and is visible to the user.

Woman & Doctor

We recognize that patients, nurses, staff and providers all have unique workflows that need to overlap properly in order to provide proper patient care; while reducing redundancies and insuring all legacy and current data is exposed and available on an as needed basis.


Multiple software solutions to manage you business is often an evil necessity. We understand this problem and we bring solutions.

EHR Linx recognize the unique and complex aspects of running a clinic on multiple software platforms. Let us help you efficiently manage your special requirements.

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